Cowig Rustic Farmhouse Bottle Jar Shape Wooden Vase

Original price was: $45.45.Current price is: $36.75.

Introduce the natural beauty of the Wooden Bottle Jar Shape Vase into your home decor. Crafted from gray-washed natural wood, this decorative vase boasts a tall and rounded carved silhouette that exudes timeless elegance.
Freestanding securely on any shelf or tabletop, this vase becomes the perfect vessel for showcasing a single-stem faux bloom or a delicate spray of greenery. Its versatile design allows you to effortlessly elevate your living space with a touch of organic charm.
With measurements of 6.5″ high and 2.75″ in diameter, the Wooden Tapered Vase is compact yet impactful, making it an ideal accent for various spaces. Embrace its rustic allure and let it add a captivating focal point to your interior.
Create an inviting ambiance with the Wooden Tapered Vase, designed to blend harmoniously with any decor style. Elevate your home decor with this exquisite piece, celebrating the allure of nature within your living space.
  • Dimension: 2.75″ W X 2.75″ L X 6.5″ H
  • Material: Wood