The White Roses Two Tier Wood Stand

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How was your day? There are many times when the same thing is repeated every day, every day. Then, a very special day happened, or a day I really want to remember! There are times when you meet such a day very rarely. Why don’t you highlight🎉 a very precious day with just one photo 📸?

Here is a stand that will decorate your precious memories more beautifully and stylishly. Our Woodambitious’s “The White Roses Two Tier Wood Stand” will be the best choice for you who want to decorate your precious memories beautifully. With its classic finish and simple design, this 2-tier stand is both beautiful and functional. This item is made of wood so you can use it for a cupcake stand, dessert stand, or charcuterie platter. This item is disassembled for easy shipping and storage.

  • Measurement:14”W x 14”D x 18”H