Don’t you miss the scents and life of the woods in your local park? Because we sure do. 

Woodambitious lives under the motto, “Enjoy nature at Home” – we hope to let you feel nature even through the small things in our own homes. 

We started a seemingly small and unpretentious business but the things that don’t seem to matter will make you feel right at home.

Woodambitious's business philosophy


Design is what brings quality to life. Woodambitious pursues a unique, modern but classy design. Meet Woodambitious's unique & comfort products that bring the spirit of art to life.


The products are crafted from all types of wood materials to suit different tastes and styles. There are many different materials that could be used, but wood is the most versatile and most widely selected furniture material. And there is a good reason! We always pursue wood only of the highest quality. It’s our pride and consideration for our customers.


Have you ever encountered a high-quality product with a design you admire, but the price is a bit too expensive? Here at Woodambitious, you don't have to worry about that. We always offer trendy and classy designs made with high-quality materials at affordable prices.


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Patricia Warren

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Lauren Lane

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Paul Smitten