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Bring Nature Back to People’s Lives

Woodambitious was founded with a simple mission: to bring nature back to people’s lives so that they can enjoy nature at home. We live in deep relationships with nature, and we are learning from so many natural disasters lately what the consequences of not caring for it can lead to. Our passion is to remind us every day that we achieve a natural recovery by using real wood products and planting trees alongside all the products sold.

Our way to create a better world for future generations is to provide consumers with quality products, and by giving back some of the proceeds we generate, we help the world and nature we live in a little better.
It’s not about us, but about how the society and nature we live in can make a difference now with our hard works and efforts.



At Woodambitious, we strive to promote sustainable living to lead our customers to enjoy nature at home by offering eco-friendly products. On top of that, we aim to help bring back the forests that humankind has tragically been destroying. Woodambitious work together with our partner One Tree Planted.

Woodambitious is thinking about the future and planting a tree through One Tree Planted every time a product is sold.  You purchased the goods with us and you plant one tree. We want to make a big positive impact on the environment. To this end, we donate to environmental charities to plant 1 tree for every product we sell. Our goal is to plant more than 1 million trees in the next few years, but we can’t do this without your help.



Woodambitious believes that it is the responsibility of businesses and entrepreneurs to return corporate profits to society. 

We donate 1% of our annual revenue to support & help our society’s marginalized neighbors partner with G.I.V.E (Give. Inspire. Volunteer. Educate) & Covenant House. 

We are continuing to find more charities to support. We will continue to help like-minded organizations in the future, and we will make more efforts and support with these charities to make a better society in the future.

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Be Ambitious with Woodambitous!

Who we are:

Woodambitious is a nature-friendly brand.
As our brand name suggests, we focus on wood, the most environmentally friendly material, and pursue Rustic Farmhouse style.
Defined Rustic Farmhouse style is a design that emphasizes solid, natural beauty, including natural-inspired textures, simplicity, earthy colors, and natural warmth.
The reason Woodambitious pursues a rustic farmhouse style is to provide people with the warmth and intimacy of nature, like a mother’s arms, through our products, no matter where they are.
The business philosophy that Woodambitious pursues is “warmth” like a mom’s arms.
The reason that the mom’s arms feel warm is because of her unchanging love, devotion, and generosity, which we have learned and felt through our bodies and mind over many years from her love. Trees, like our mothers, always give their all to us unsparingly. Woodambitious also wants to share the warmth and love that we have received in the world, just like the arms of a mother like this from you all. That is why we are promoting the “The Giving Tree” project.
Through Woodambitious, I hope that many people will feel the warmth of a mother’s arms.
Although we are small, if we share the same thoughts and corporate values as Woodambitious, we believe and hope that the world will become a little warmer than now.
This is ultimately Woodambitious’s business ideology, final goal, and ambition. Be ambitious with Woodambitious!
We hope that your family will always be fulfilled with love and warmth.
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Let’s go with us on this “The Giving Tree” & “Environmental Journey”!

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