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How Woodambitious was born

Many companies are still being born in this world.

Some companies grow well and grow into companies that are essential and helpful in the world we live in, while others disappear without anyone knowing.

We know who we are and how we were brought into this world, and that no one cares now.

However, when a company is born into this world by a founder, we believe that the direction of a company’s future direction and the impact it will have on the society we live in are as different as heaven and earth, depending on what reason and purpose one was born with.

Let’s share the story of the birth of Woodambitous together.

A note from the founder

As the number of my gray hairs gradually increased, numbers that defined my time on Earth unbeknownst to me, increased.

On my birthday, I had a phone call on the way home from work, and the boss’s voice coming through the handset was so cold.

I worked 7 days a week for over 20 years, supporting my family with passion and zeal, but his words that he would cut my wages by 50% from next month were as brutal as a well-written movie script.

It was my birthday, and yet…

From the next day after leaving for work with a heavy, subdued heart, their pressure and harassment began. What made me sadder more than anything was their words, which I considered to be very ignorant and denied the commitment I had accumulated over the past 20 years. Indeed, every single word of theirs flew into my heart like a sharpened arrow and began to carve hot stamping on my heart. Their harsh and cruel words ripped my heart to shreds and drove me to the brink over and over again.

The skepticism about my life as to whether I had been living the wrong thing, and the thought of a life that had become obsolete with old age, had been dragging me into the swamp of despair day by day.

I was at my breaking point.

Walking aimlessly, my footsteps stopped at a small local park in a very rustic neighborhood with an unfamiliar name. A worn-out wooden bench stood in a corner of this lonely, empty park. The worn-out bench gave me, one exhausted mind and body drenching in despair and frustration, a very sweet rest.

The bench I was sitting on began to catch my eye. Upon closer inspection, this wood was not originally made for a bench. It was a kind of bench made from recycled wood that had been used, well, somewhere else.

The life of the tree was felt on the surface, torn and worn by the harsh winds and rains. As I followed the deeply cut grain of the wood with my fingertips, I suddenly thought that this grain of the wood was just like the wrinkled wrinkles on my mother’s face.

Mommy~ Mommy~

Even when I got beaten up fighting with my friends, 

Even when I failed to place in a competition I prepared with my best,

The place where I could cry freely was in my mom’s warm arms. 

Just like the mother who said “It’s okay” to me and comforted me, this old and worn-out wooden bench on which I sit now warmly embraces my pain and I felt like it told me “It’s okay”.

Just as this tree, which seemed to be no longer useful, was reborn as a bench that bears the tiredness of someone else, there is no such thing as useless life.

I thought to myself, “Let’s start and challenge again for my life. Let’s become like a tree that gives generously like this old wooden bench that is tight and hugged me like a mother’s warm arm.”

I pledged to myself to become an entrepreneur who helps and gives everything for our neighbors like a mother who sacrificed everything and only gave love for me.

Thus, Woodambitious was born into the world.

The business philosophy that Woodambitious pursues is “warmth” like a mom’s arms.

The reason that the mom’s arms feel warm is because of her unchanging love, devotion, and generosity, which we have learned and felt through our bodies and mind over many years from her love. Trees, like our mothers, always give their all to us unsparingly.

Through Woodambitious, I hope that many people will feel the warmth of a mother’s arms.

Although we are small, if we share the same thoughts and corporate values as Woodambitious, we believe and hope that the world will become a little warmer than now.

This is ultimately Woodambitious’s business ideology, final goal, and ambition. Be ambitious with Woodambitious!


We hope that your family will always be fulfilled with love and warmth.


We like to make you “Warm as Mom’s Arm”

Don’t you miss the scents in your Mom’s Arm? Because we sure do. 
Woodambitious is a nature-friendly brand that puts at the heart of what we do the enduring principle that we have the power to change the world by giving people the warmth and intimacy of a mother’s arms, wherever they are. This is why we pursue the rustic farmhouse style.
A defined rustic style is a design that emphasizes solid, natural beauty, including nature-inspired textures; simple, earthy colors; and ultimately rustic and organic warmth.
Woodambituous has an aspiration to make it possible to enjoy the warmth of nature like the arms of a mother at home, from the daily necessities and furniture of meeting places and shared meals.
Under the motto “Be Ambitious with Woodambitious”, Woodambitious has the ambition to make the world a little warmer and share that warm love with the world.
We have dreams and visions.  We started a seemingly small and simple business, but we still want to contribute.
Wherever you are, we will do our best.



Rustic Farmhouse style is a design emphasis on rugged, natural beauty. It embraces nature-inspired textures, simple and earthy colors, and ultimately an unpretentious, organic warmth. Woodambitious pursues a rustic, farmhouse but unique style design. Meet Woodambitious’s unique & Rustic Farmhouse style products that bring the spirit of art to life.



The products are crafted from all types of wood materials to suit different tastes and styles. There are many different materials that could be used, but wood is the most versatile and most widely selected furniture material. And there is a good reason! We always pursue wood only of the highest quality. It’s our pride and consideration for our customers.



Have you ever encountered a high-quality product with a design you admire, but the price is a bit too expensive? Here at Woodambitious, you don’t have to worry about that. We always offer trendy and classy designs made with high-quality materials at affordable prices.



We believe that it is the responsibility of businesses and entrepreneurs to return corporate profits to society. 

We donate 1% of our annual revenue to support & help our society’s marginalized neighbors partner and we are thinking about the future and planting a tree through One Tree Planted every time a product is sold.  You purchase the goods with us and you plant one tree.

We are continuing to find more charities to support. We will continue to help like-minded organizations in the future, and we will make more efforts and support these charities to make a better society in the future.

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