Corbin Rustic Farmhouse Round Wood Trays (Set of 2)


Corbin Rustic Farmhouse Round Wood Trays strike a distinctive rustic-luxe note within any kitchen. Metal Handles are overwrought with metal in a faux rusty finish. It’s round shape and jointed with Rustic Farmhouse style metal handles and a tray of wood from the round face. If you plan to decorate your kitchen in the Rustic Farmhouse style, then our products will fit your expectations.
It consists of a set of 2 of the most used 17″ & 14.75″ sizes, so it can be very useful in any environment or situation.

Dimension: Large – 17″ L X 11.75″ W X 2″ H / Medium – 14.75″ L X 9.75″ W X 2″ H

Material: Wood, Metal