Distressed White Pinky Wood Blocks Set of 3


The I’m Yours Blocks set is a lovely set of sitting blocks that pokes fun at love in a sweet way. These wooden sitters have a white finish with distressed edges and are .75″ deep for sturdiness. One block measures 4″ high by 3″ wide and reads, “I’m yours – no refunds” in black script and text over a subtle pink heart. The second block measures 2″ high by 7″ wide and reads, “You are my favorite – pain in the ass” in black script and text with two subtle pink hearts. The pink hearts on both signs wrap around the edges of the blocks. The last block is a heart-shaped cutout in white to contrast the pink hearts on the white backgrounds of the other signs. This funny set of loving blocks is perfectly displayed together or can be separated to spread the love around.