Melodyne Rustic Farmhouse Wooden Lantern Set of 2


Introducing the Melodyne Rustic Farmhouse Wooden Lantern Set of 2, the perfect addition to bring warmth and coziness to your living room. Picture yourself in a serene atmosphere, seated on a cozy chair, and illuminating your space with the soft glow of candles in our “Melodyne Rustic Wood Lanterns.”

Create memorable moments with your family as the soothing aroma fills the air, turning ordinary evenings into delightful experiences. Happiness is often found in life’s simple pleasures, and our rustic lantern set aims to add a touch of joy to your everyday life.

Woodambitious is here to enhance your journey to happiness, offering you the charm of the “Melodyne Rustic Wood Lanterns.” The set includes two lanterns, with dimensions of 23.5″ H for the large one and 14.25″ H for the small one, providing a perfect combination for a balanced display.

Transform your living space into a haven of comfort and joy with the Melodyne Rustic Farmhouse Wooden Lantern Set. Order now and let the gentle glow of these lanterns bring a rustic touch to your home, making every moment a celebration of happiness.

  • Dimension: Small: 14.25″ H | Large: 23.5″ H
  • Material: Wood, Meta

Not include candles.