Venza Rustic Farmhouse Burlap Photo and Memo Clipboard Easel


Elevate your decor with our versatile rectangular clipboard easel, a perfect fusion of rustic and industrial styles. This unique piece is supported on an easel base, featuring a square construction with burlap backing and a convenient clip on top.

Crafted from durable MDF and metal, this clipboard is not just a functional accessory but a stylish addition to any space. Whether placed on a kitchen counter, living room mantle, or room dresser, it offers a creative way to showcase meaningful quotes, special photos, artwork, or even your weekly menu.

Make a statement with this distinctive clipboard easel, designed to bring a touch of character to your home. Embrace the blend of industrial and rustic aesthetics and turn everyday items into pieces of art with our Rectangular Clipboard Easel.

  • Dimension: 3″ w x 8″ L X 12″ H
  • Purposeful Distressing Type: Coat/Paint Distressing
  • Framed: Yes