Venza Rustic Farmhouse Pedestal Base Wooden End Table

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Add a touch of tropical elegance to your living space with this beautifully crafted end table. Designed with a blend of style and durability, this table is a versatile addition to your indoor or outdoor decor.
The square porcelain tabletop exudes sophistication and provides a smooth surface for placing your belongings or displaying decorative items. Supported by a sturdy pedestal base, this end table offers stability and longevity.
The natural grain details add a touch of charm, showcasing the beauty of the materials. The herringbone pattern on the top surface adds a captivating visual element, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the table.
With its weather and rust-resistant construction, this end table is suitable for various environments, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Enjoy its beauty and functionality on your patio, deck, or in your living room.
Elevate your space with this tropical-inspired end table, combining style, durability, and versatility.
  • Dimension: 22.25″ W X 22.25″ L X 22.38″ T
  • Material: Wood

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