Breakfast Tray to open your morning delight!

I often think of “Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe”, which I ate so deliciously in Chicago that I stopped by for a business trip before the pandemic. Of course, I was able to wait for more than an hour before eating it, but I remember that I ate it so deliciously because the fresh taste of the original ingredients was alive in each dish, perhaps because it was made using fresh organic ingredients, so the wait time was worth it.

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be if someone brought organic wildberry-like food to my bed and served it to me in the morning after a very tiring and intense day of living?
Do you have no experience yet? Then try again. Your day will be really enjoyable.

It’s not difficult.

Well, first of all, go to the kitchen and see if there is a tray that can serve my brunch to bed. Not sure which one to use…


Then, Let’s find out which Try is the best tray for serving a Sunday brunch.

Trays come in a variety of shapes, such as round, rectangular, with and without legs. You can use the tray that best suits you according to your taste. If you are going to have a very simple brunch of coffee and toast, try our Woodambitious round tray.

1. Gavino Dual Rustic Round Wooden Trays Set of 2 

            Use The Gloriano Dual Rustic Round Wooden Trays Set of 2 to serve coffee or as an ottoman tray. These trays are made of solid mango wood and are truly beautiful in craftsmanship.

2. Divachee Round Wood Plank Metal Handle Serving Tray

The Divachee Round Wood Plank Serving Tray is made of a metal frame and a wood flank base. It is a very durable frame made of metal and easily carries to serve snacks, coffee, or tea using metal handles.

Constructed from a metal frame for durability, the metal handles on both sides make it easy and safe to serve snacks, coffee, or tea.

3. Dahlia Romano Farmhouse Wooden Round Tray

Our Dahlia Romano Rustic Wooden Round Tray is a perfect blend of modern and rustic styles. It features an aged wood slat design and is supported by a metal ‘X’ base. The tray measures 1” deep. Even better if you use it to serve breakfast, snacks, coffee, or tea.

4. The Marsie Queen Round Cane and Wood Tray

Whether it be serving up your favorite snacks and cocktails to your friends or organizing your coffee table, this versatile tray is an impressive piece to have in your home. Item is constructed from cane and wood and is a great way to keep things simple and natural with style.

I hope your every morning is always enjoyable. Start a fun day with Woodambitious.

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