What style of house is your dream house?

One of my favorite TV shows is a channel called HGTV. This is because you can not only see different styles of houses, but also get ideas on how to decorate your house beautifully. There is also a program to find a house. In many cases, what style of house do Realtors prefer to their customers? I don’t think I’ve seen many customers who accurately describe a certain style of house. Are you familiar with the architecture of houses built in the United States?

In fact, why this is important is because, depending on the style of architecture of the house you live in, you can decorate a house with a much more customized color if you have to match the interior to the house well. Because, if you are wearing sportswear and your shoes are formal shoes, it might be too awkward and funny. So, you don’t have to think about what kind of shoes to wear, and you have to think about the overall balance and harmony of what clothes and shoes to wear first. You have to know first what style of my house is and then think about how to decorate the house in harmony with the style of the house.

With the advent of the era of zero interest rates since the COVID-19 outbreak, house prices are rising day by day at an all-time high due to the lowest mortgage rates in history. In the recent news, I heard the news that a house that was almost like an abandoned house in the L.A area where I live was sold for $560,000. If you are not yet a homeowner, what style of house do you dream of buying? Now, let’s find out what style of house Americans love most that is being built in the United States.

The style of houses built in the United States can be subdivided in many different ways depending on the type of material and shape, but I would like to introduce about 10 types of implied ones.

First of all, the 10 architectural styles that I have identified based on my subjective opinion are as follows.

  1. Ranch/Farmhouse Style
  2. Craftsman Style
  3. Contemporary/Modern Style
  4. Tudor Style
  5. Colonial Style
  6. Log Cabin
  7. Victorian Style
  8. Cape Cod Style
  9. Mediterranean Style
  10. Art Deco Style

Today, let’s take a look at 3 out of 10.

  1. Ranch/Farmhouse style

Have you been to San Diego Old Town? If you go here, you can see the houses you usually see in old western movies with John Wayne. In other words, it can be found in the state of California in the form of a house where a western cowboy guarding a ranch used to be a regular in Hollywood western movies. The characteristic of this Ranch/Farmhouse style is the open layout, which removes the wall or partition that separates the living room and the kitchen so that the space can be used more widely and freely. This Ranch/Farmhouse style home is the most popular and most American style home in America. Recently, this Ranch style house is mainly in the form of a one-story house with a garage attached to the house, and there are rectangular, L-shaped, and U-shaped houses. Another characteristic of this Ranch/Farmhouse style is its low ceilings and low sloped roof, which is typical of Southern California where it rarely snows or rains.

2. Craftsman Style

Craftsman style, as inferred from the word craftsman, is a form of a house of the most traditional type of dwelling, mainly classic, made with care in every corner by hand. In the 1800s, the main architectural style of Queen Victoria’s era was to decorate with more splendid design and decoration, but with the Industrial Revolution that took place in the 1900s, mechanism became widespread, and craftsmen and handicrafts were devalued. Due to these various complex factors, the Craftsman style occurred due to the resistance of these craftsmens. The characteristic of this Craftsman style is that it is a low-pitched roof, and the roofing work is done by manually working each shingle in a flat square shape, and most of the entrances have Covered front porches. Also, from an architectural point of view, the trim work is rather heavy, the cabinet is built-in, and the door is characterized by using a paneled door.

3. Contemporary/Modern Style

Do you like Iron Man? I like Iron Man very much. I’ve seen all the Iron Man movies. But what caught my eye in this Iron Man movie was none other than that nice house on the coastal cliff where Iron Man lived. The house Iron Man lived in is Contemporary/Modern style. In the middle of the 20th century, “warmth” as the motto began to become common, emphasizing spaciousness, sustainability and local character. Contemporary Style has open floor plans and has large windows that let in light. Modern style is similar to Contemporary Style, but its main characteristics are its asymmetrical appearance and flat roof shape without inclination.

The rest of the house styles will be serialized next. Please wait a moment.

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