Basic Principles and Tips for Styling a Comfortable Home Interior: Let’s Take a Journey Together!

It seems that our daily life has changed a lot due to the pandemic. In the past, I would have been busy every weekend with parties and gatherings at various groups, friends, and church gatherings that I’m participating in. But due to the pandemic, almost all meetings have been canceled or are not even thought about. In the past, I invited a lot of acquaintances to my house to have a meal together, watch a sports game, and have a good time. I was also invited to their houses and had a good time with them. As I was invited to the houses of so many acquaintances, I noticed that each house I visited was decorated with so many different interior styles according to the preference of the owner.

Some houses were not so special or they were very normal. There were houses that made me feel very comfortable as if I was a guest who was somehow invited to my own house. However, there were some houses that caused me to end a meeting in a hurry due to the slight burden of such a highly luxurious decorated home and not knowing how to really act in such an environment. As I came home from the meeting, I thought for a moment, “Why did I feel so uncomfortable when I was in this friend’s house that was decorated so nicely with expensive luxury goods?” I asked myself. Was it because I was jealous of not being able to live in a house decorated with such luxury? But I didn’t really feel that way. After thinking deeply about why I felt that way, I realized that it was the inconvenience of not being able to properly coordinate the house and the expensive goods with the other items adorned there. The expensive items didn’t really match with the vibe of other items in the house and they were scattered all around throughout the house. It looked okay when you looked at the item by itself, but when you looked at the whole setting, something didn’t seem right, which was uncomfortable to me. 

What do we want to get from the house we live in? As mentioned in the previous post “Is your home the happiest place for you?”, we certainly want to find a haven where our body and mind can rest comfortably through our home. How is this comfort created? For the benefit of relationships between family members, I will continue to post in the future. But besides these emotional aspects, what I am planning to do is, how to decorate the interior of your home so that your family members can feel more comfortable. Just because you spend a lot of money on interior decoration doesn’t necessarily mean that it provides peace and comfort for all family members. By arranging existing furniture or ornaments more harmoniously and adding in a little pinch of paint or accents, it is possible to give family members a stable sense of peace. So in the future, I will try to make a series of posts about how the interior can be more systematically structured and harmonized with other components. 

Please look forward to it and thank you for your support.

Thank you for reading!

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