The Power of Organizing Your Desk

Stephanie Winston, author of Organized for Success, says that an organized desk is one thing successful CEOs have in common.

Why should you teach your kids how to keep organized?

Many parents have a lot of time to spend with their kids all day long because of Pandemic. As a result, the parent can enjoy spending more time with their kids but most parents are under a lot of stress because their children play with toys and don’t put them anywhere to organize, making their homes messy. Should I just leave it for granted because they are kids? I would like to say NO.  Keeping your child organized means a lot more than just keeping the room clean. There are also many advantages related to the maturity of the child.

Let’s see what advantages it has.

A. Cultivate a sense of responsibility.

Teach your children that after playing with toys, they need to be neatly organized. Then, if your child has done so, give them a generous compliment that they have done the job well for them. Children will be able to grow into more and more responsible children as they become aware of the joy of completing the tasks they have been given to them. When they realize that they have to put away things they have used, they will take responsibility for anything in the future.

B. Can cultivate self-reliance.

If your child is not a baby, but a child who has started a social life, they need to learn to be self-reliant. As children grow up, they need to be raised as self-reliant children who can do what they can do for themselves. Children who lack self-reliance most often have a vague fear of trying to do something they don’t know or haven’t done. Raising a child with a strong sense of independence who can try things that children do not know or have not done without fear will be the foundation for growing up as a wonderful adult who will challenge without fear in the social life that children will face in the future. The first step toward becoming such a self-reliant child is that they can start with the habit of organizing their surroundings by themself.

C. Develops thinking skills.

When it comes to tidying up, teach them to keep things tidy while thinking about how to keep things tidy and easy to use later, rather than just randomly putting them in the toy box. It is an action that requires more thinking for younger children. It may be too easy for adults, but children think a lot while thinking about what to do through these things. Through this work, children’s brains have the effect of developing more analytical and creative ideas. In addition, don’t forget more praise when they are creatively organized. As they think deeply & widely about how to put things away, in what order, and in what way, your child will grow up to be a wonderful child who can make very rational decisions about the things given in the future.

Why do you need a Woodambitious’s wooden Valet Tray for organizing?

A. Eco-Friendly product.

Our products are eco-friendly, perfect for parents who are concerned about harmful chemicals to the human body. It is a great product especially for children with weak immunity. If your kids have sensitive skin or respiratory problems, they are far better choices for kids than chemical products.

B. Safety.

Our Valet Tray is made of high-quality Maple wood and Cherry wood, and the edges and corners are rounded, so there is no problem at all even for small children to use. It is also durable and will last long, so you don’t have to worry about the wood breaking.

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