Why living with trees makes you happy! (II)

We’ve looked at two reasons why trees make us happy before.

“Why living with trees makes you happy!”

Today, following this, we will look at four more reasons why trees make us humans happy.

3. Kinship – Trees hold human history

Trees resemble people. People may try to resemble trees. Some who have become saints follow the point of the tree. Have you ever met the Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park? This tree tells human history there. Trees are a lesson in our human life and are faithfully serving as a pathway to the past. Every tree has its own resulting pattern. If you look at the resulting pattern of the tree, you can see how well the tree is. It is beautiful enough to tear up when you see the resulting pattern of a cut tree. The resulting pattern on a tree is a trace of where the tree lived. The beautiful traces of trees are because they lived according to their determination. People also have grain. It is beautiful when people live by their determination. Trees are taught to live by determination.

4. Eco-friendly material good for human body

As industrialization progressed rapidly, our daily life became very comfortable, but it is also true that the damage caused by it has increased. In our common life, we are living with exposure to numerous toxic substances without our knowledge. Formaldehyde contained in cigarette smoke, automobile smoke, and various industrial products is a very strong carcinogenic substance. If our body is constantly exposed to this substance, it can have very negative health effects. But did you know that wood is an eco-friendly material that is good for the human body? According to research data from Kagoshima Prefectural Industrial Technology Center, Japan, it is reported that formaldehyde adsorbed on wood was purified to its natural state when placed in a ventilated space for more than a week. Concrete poison or harmful gas Chemicals emitted into the spaces of houses or apartments built with various building materials are harmful ingredients called silent killers that affect the human body over the years. The best solution is to build a house out of wood, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. If so, the expert’s advice is to at least replace desks and tables, beds, wardrobes, kitchen furniture or kitchenware with wooden furniture or products.

5. Psychological stability and anxiety relief

Have you ever experienced a calming and psychologically relaxing experience in a space with lots of trees? Trees are useful for meditation and studies because they have the property of adequately absorbing the noise generated in life. On the other hand, in the case of Concrete, since it reflects living noise, the sound resonates and the sound transmission is not clear. Trees also play a role in relieving emotional anxiety that arises in our daily lives and in our living environment. 

6. Inspiration

Trees are the oldest objects and yet show the latest fashion. Even though the forests and mountains, which have been in place for tens of thousands of years, change clothes every season, it is the same reason that they do not say that they are bored. As such, it is easy for us to enjoy, but difficult to handle, and it is also a noble and diverse material. Trees with a universal and unique feeling, none of the materials have been as deeply embedded in history, culture, and life as trees, and have not left their own beauty. It is not surprising that artistic desires are directed toward trees. Architects and sculptors, craftsmen and poets exchange and receive the infinite power and inspiration of wood.

Wood is also an ideal material and item to express human desire. It calms people against all sorts of visual overloads and presents calm, simplicity and simplicity. The warmth and natural aesthetics of trees are becoming an immediate means of providing this balance.

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