5 reasons we must plant trees (II)

We looked at 2 of these in 5 reasons we must plant trees in our last blog.

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“5 reasons we must plant trees”

Today we are going to look at the other 3 of the 5 reasons we must plant trees.

3. Improve water retention

California, where I live, has been suffering from drought for several years now, and the state government has issued a drought emergency and strictly controlled water waste. However, this year, like a few years ago, the drought is getting worse. In times like these, we can only be thankful for the functions of trees.

The reason is that trees do a great job of storing water. When it rains, trees absorb rainwater, store it, and release it slowly into nature. Due to this function of the tree, groundwater is maintained, and the water flowing from the tree gathers and becomes a continuous stream of water, which becomes a river and flows into the sea. According to research, 100 mature trees intercept approximately 100,000 gallons of rainwater per year. As such, trees play a very important role in the flow of water, which is so precious to us humans.

4. Prevention of soil collapse & landslides

If you live on the eastern coast, every summer you worry about whether this year’s hurricane will pass without any problems. It is heartbreaking to hear the news that this hurricane, which pours a lot of rain, often causes landslides, resulting in casualties. The main cause of such landslides is the weakening of the soil’s ground. When a tree is planted, the root of the tree holds the soil firmly to support the trunk of the tree and has the effect of supporting the soil. This will help prevent soil collapse or landslides in the event of a hurricane or heavy rain.

5. Ecosystem Conservation

A few years ago, my daughter cried when she saw the news that a koala had been injured in a huge wildfire in Australia that had been going on for several months. Over a period of roughly nine months, these Australian bushfires killed 25 people and killed nearly half a billion animals. Forests are the ecosystem in which natural creatures live. It is the home of many living things, from small sprouts to caterpillars and rabbits. Losing these forests is like losing a place for natural creatures to live. This means that humans, who have long lived in the balance of the ecosystem, can also be harmed. Therefore, planting trees and creating and conserving forests is the way to maintain the natural ecosystem and furthermore, to maintain our human ecosystem.


In this way, we looked into the five reasons why we should plant trees. Some people may ask, why do we need to plant trees again when there are many trees around us now. The reason we continue to plant trees is because of their ecosystem. This is because trees also have a period of childhood, growth, maturity, and old age. Roughly 10 to 15 years after the trees are planted, the oxygen emission is said to be the most active. And this is because the carbon dioxide absorption rate of these trees decreases after they reach adulthood. Therefore, it is necessary to use old trees as timber or to change generations of trees through felling. Some say that we need to reduce the use of wood furniture and products made from wood for the sake of the planet, but they don’t know the truth. Rather, wood furniture and wood products are one of the ways to reduce carbon emissions. Greenpeace International Environment Group recommends using more wood for the global environment because wood stores 250 kg of carbon per cubic meter, and making wood furniture has the effect of maintaining the amount of carbon in the air. It is also because it requires less energy to produce than other materials such as steel and concrete.

Woodambitious is deploying a reforestation project with One Tree Planted for several reasons. When you buy one product from woodambitious, you plant one tree. If you’re having trouble planting your own trees, join us on this reforestation project.

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